Jump in, it's Lovely and Warm!

Our team

Lovely and Warm is a small business. Because we're small, we know all of our instructors really well so we can keep standards up. Everybody is well qualified for their role, whether teaching or working behind the scenes on the website, and we only hire people who are nice to be around. If you were shipwrecked on a desert island with us, you couldn't ask for a friendlier bunch of people. (That said we all know which instructor would get eaten first.)



Chris is the person responsible for starting Lovely and Warm, with the idea that it should be easier to look things up about skiing exercises. Chris started skiing when he was 12, and was addicted from his first lesson. A few years of weekly race training taught him that he could get down the hill reasonably quickly but that he'd make a much better instructor than racer. Chris passed Scottish ASSI at 17 and qualified as a BASI Ski Instructor (Level 2) at 18. More recently he passed the Snow Sport England moguls coaching course.

When he's not on the slopes Chris works as a web developer, and has grade 8 saxophone, grade 8 trumpet and grade 7 piano. Computer geeks on our lessons may want to discuss the relative merits of different programming languages. Music geeks on our lessons may want to discuss writing 4 part harmony. And music programming geeks will want to discuss the best algorithms for writing 4 part harmony automatically. Or we just could talk about skiing.



Nina learnt to ski at a very young age, then learnt the dark arts of snowboarding. Nina works in a primary school and is second to none at kids lessons. Nina is a scout leader in her spare time and is an assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme, so she's also awesome at coaching right up to teenage years and beyond. Nina is a very multi-talented person - not only a black run skier, she has BASI Level 1 snowboarding and lots of other qualifications:

  • Certificates in Pre-school Practise
  • Kayak coaching (more certificates than we have space for here!)
  • Royal Yachting Association Poweboat Level 2
  • A certificate in Basic Expedition Leadership
  • Grade 8 trumpet (she's far better than Chris), grade 7 bassoon and grade 7 saxophone


Rachel grew up in Mauritius, which is east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Obviously they don't have snow there so she didn't learn to ski until she was 20. She picked it up quickly though and is a fast black run skier. As a native French speaker Rachel uses some of her spare time to tutor primary school children in French... so we thought she'd be perfect for explaining ski resort French for us!


John does our camera work. This isn't as easy as it sounds - you have to be a pretty good skier to follow someone at speed down the hill while looking through a camera rather than looking at the slope in front of you! John is also one of our instructors. John qualified as a BASI Ski Instructor (Level 2) exam a long long while ago, and the Snow Sport England moguls coaching certificate. He has worked at several slopes in the UK and in Italy.


Lynne is one of our instructors. Lynne has worked full time as a ski instructor, as well as in a management position at a dry ski slope - there's not much she doesn't know about how things work in the ski world!


Ginestra is our behind the scenes web developer and occasional snowboarder. She does all of our graphic design and a substantial amount of work on our website. We think she does an amazing job of making the site look good, so when you want a new web site, you should definitely get in touch with her at thatsmood.com

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